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This was a Tough thrift haul.

Thrifting in Vancouver is hard - like really super duper hard. The most common brands that I find are Forever 21, Old Navy and some really not fire Tommy. Typically, most of the dope stuff that I do end up taking home don't have brands and if they do, they're obscure af. But I like that - cause usually that means that it's vintage and very few people own it.

So even though it's usually rough - this trip was straight booty. I thought I wouldn't be able to film a thrift haul cause Kate and I filled up an entire cart of clothes to try on and I walked away with only four items. After that initial trip, I went back to Value Village two more times and had way better luck. I walked away with ten dope pieces including a bitchin' faux fur coat, DKNY jeans and a pair of bright red Wrangler pants.

You can check out all the clothes that I thrifted in the video below, styled into six bomb-ass outfits. But in this post, I'm gonna share with you two super sweet finds that I left out of the video.



This is my second film camera. My first one was amazing, but you see what had happened was: I carried my camera around in this tote bag that has a small hole in the side that I never patched up and one day I went in to grab it and I realized that the battery cap fell off so I figure it must have loosened up, fallen out of the hole and is now forever gone.

I tried to keep it together with some tape and cardboard but no matter what I do, I can never get the battery to stay put. It's not so bad cause the camera was only $5.99 but I really missed taking film photos. 

So I have been on the hunt for a new one and after months of no luck, I finally found one! The Value Village in Richmond, BC had a whole box of 'em by the kitchenware - which is a super strange place to keep them. But I like it even more than my first one cause it has a super long strap and I can take photos with or without flash. Super super happy with this find cause now I can add more photos to my film-stagram.

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I have been in search of the perfect side bag and since I can't afford a Supreme or Frankie Collective one at the moment - I have been looking for a thrifted one. This is hundo-hundo a fanny pack that I have just extended the strap all the way but I am loving the look. I'm not sure if it's real leather because I can't find any tags on it BUT it is very clean and holds its structure really well. 

I definitely still want a luxe side bag but 'til then, this'll do. 






Outfit by Fila.